Where Every Child is Special on Their Special Day

Who We Are

On February 14, 2018, seemingly out of nowhere, tragedy struck our community.  That day, 17 of our friends and teachers were struck down at school, and 17 more injured.  From that tragedy, we decided to focus on the good.  The friends we lost were beautiful people, and we know if they were here they would be doing the same. 

We are sisters who want every child to feel as special on their birthday as we have, while also sharing the love of reading we were brought up with.  Countless children live in poverty, and have never had the moment of receiving a newly wrapped gift on their special day, just for them.  Every child should have that moment, and Birthdays and Books provides economically vulnerable preschool aged children that moment.  By providing  a newly wrapped new book and related toy, children have that moment of happiness, anticipation, and surprise, while knowing they are important.  Our hope is for children and families to make new memories together.  

We select preschool classrooms in economically vulnerable schools in Broward County, Florida.  There is an established Amazon Wish List where items are directly delivered to our office location. 

Items can now be directly shipped to an office location.  Each item is wrapped and given directly to a young child on their special day.  Our Amazon Wish List is located at:


We can also now accept monetary donations through PlumFund.  Every dollar donated goes directly to a new toy and book for a child in need.  


Each dollar given is spent directly on books and toys for each child, and wrapping supplies.